Prunes Strengthens the Bone System

If in the summer period nutritionists recommend including as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible in the diet, then in winter this option is not given.

However, scientists managed to prove that those fruits and berries that are subject to freezing, with this kind of storage, retain almost all useful properties. Therefore, people who do not want to have problems with the dysfunction of the body, and also because of the lack of vitamin to be exposed to frequent diseases, should pay special attention to this product.

The fact is that fruits, with the exception of citrus cultures, which are sold in winter in supermarkets, in most cases do not contain useful substances, because they are grown in unnatural conditions.

As a rule, when they are grown, a large number of chemicals are used, which leads to accumulation of nitrates in products. Also a good way of storing fruits is the method of drying them, which also allows preserving their valuable properties.

Daily Consumption Rate Five Berries

Among the dried fruits, the most popular is dried apricots, raisins and prunes, and this is not surprising, because each of them contains various vitamins and trace elements. As a result of the studies conducted, American scientists managed to find out that regular consumption of prunes in moderate amounts, and for an adult person is considered to be a rule from those to five berries, has a positive effect on the entire bone system.

It is not a secret for anyone that in our time a relatively large number of people suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis and other diseases of bones and joints due to sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition.

The fact that the substances contained in prunes, prevent the washing away of calcium, resulting in stronger bones.

This is especially true for the elderly because of the increased risk of fractures over the years due to the weakening of bone tissue. It is also worth noting that daily consumption of dried plums promotes weight loss, because it improves the functioning of the intestines and removes harmful accumulations.