Products with High Content of Calcium

Lack of minerals, vitamins and other useful substances in the body can cause deterioration of well-being, as well as the appearance of various diseases.

Everyone knows that all this we get with food, so we need to pay special attention to the diet, which should be diverse. One of the minerals that affects the work of the heart, the nervous system, and also helps strengthen bones, is calcium.

In addition, scientists have proved that it positively affects the state of the central nervous system, preventing the appearance of depression.

In this regard, it is recommended to include the products with its content as often as possible, and, not only milk products, but also others, are included in the menu. Most of the calcium in the curd, which is recommended to eat at least three times a week.

The same goes for hard cheese, which is good to use as a sandwich as a snack. This is especially true for children, because their body is in the stage of formation, as well as for the elderly, so as not to allow frequent fractures.

Vitamin D promotes digestibility of calcium

It should be noted that this mineral is better absorbed in the presence of vitamin D, which we mainly get from the effects of sunlight.

Therefore, regardless of weather conditions, it is necessary as often as possible to be in the open air, especially in the spring, when after a winter period many people have a deficit.

You can also supplement the body with calcium if you include greens, legumes and citrus cultures, eggs, and also kelp and other seafood in the diet more often.

With regard to eggs, they contain a large number of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the entire body, so nutritionists recommend them to eat at breakfast, and even to older people, because their yolks do not contain harmful cholesterol, as stated earlier . Experts argue that calcium is quickly washed out of the body if protein deficiency is observed.

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