Products with a large content of Vitamin D

According to statistics, about 50% of the inhabitants of European countries do not spend enough time outdoors, resulting in the body lacking vitamin D, which we receive from exposure to sunlight.

Its shortage can provoke a variety of diseases, as well as a violation of the metabolic process.

However, experts argue that some of the food this vitamin contains in large quantities.

If the person spends most of the time indoors, for example, office staff, then the daily rate of replenishment of vitamin D from products should be 1000 mcg. To do this, it is necessary to balance the diet in such a way that it contains marine products, especially fish of fatty varieties.

This Vitamin A lot in Sea Fish

For example, 100 grams of tuna contain half the daily amount of this vitamin, however, it is three times more in herring. A few years ago, eggs were not recommended for inclusion in the daily diet, especially for older people, because yolks contain a lot of harmful cholesterol. However, as a result of recent studies, it was found that there are more useful substances in this product than harmful ones.

Therefore, their moderate use contributes to the replenishment of the body with amino acids, vitamins, minerals necessary for life. It also became known that in one yolk the vitamin D content is about 40 μg.

It is well known that the use of milk is necessary in order to strengthen the bone system, because it is rich in calcium, as well as other useful substances, including those that slow the aging process. Do not forget that this product contains vitamin D, so it is recommended to include dairy products in the menu at least three times a week.

This list also includes mushrooms and orange juice. Naturally, the state of health depends on the diet and the composition of the products, but do not forget that keeping an active lifestyle and frequent stay in the open air contributes not only to replenishing the body with vitamin D, but also prevents depression, obesity and other diseases.