Products That Are Not Recommended For Breakfast

Everyone knows that the main meal is breakfast, because, because of what products were used in the morning, activity and performance depend on throughout the day.

Refusal of a full breakfast, replacing it with a sandwich and a cup of coffee or tea, will lead to the fact that in the middle of the day you will have an appetite, and at dinner you will consume large portions, which will lead to overeating, and hence the appearance of excess weight.

According to nutritionists, breakfast should not exceed 700 kilocalories, while containing nutrients to give energy. Many people are used to preparing some dishes for breakfast, even without realizing that they can not be used on an empty stomach.

These include, for example, pancakes, which are already a high-calorie product, and if you add sweet jams to them, then this dish will increase insulin in the blood, which in the end will not only add a couple of extra pounds, but the mood will deteriorate, irritability will appear. To avoid this, bake pancakes from oat flour, and jam replace with fresh berries or fruits.

From Dry Breakfasts Best to Give Up

Not only children, but also adults like breakfast cereals, however, it is worth remembering that in such products there is no fiber and proteins, while it contains a lot of simple carbohydrates and sugar. Nutritionists do not recommend eating such foods to people with diabetes, as well as to babies.

You can replace them with corn flakes without sugar, in which to add nuts, dried fruits or berries.

As for dairy products, yoghurt is good in the mornings, but only natural, not less than 5% fat, because in a skimmed product there are practically no useful nutrients.

Do not go on an empty stomach to drink milk, because it contributes to the production of acid in the stomach, which can trigger the appearance of heartburn. Therefore, use it better after the main meal. Instead of boiled sausages, which because of the large content of salt, fat and other harmful additives act irritably on the stomach, it is better to bake dietary meat, such as chicken, turkey and other.

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