Pets Must Know Their Place

A lot of people like to sleep with their pets. But according to doctors and scientists who conducted special studies, these actions should not take place in a person’s life in general.

The fact is that a pet, despite the fact that it lives with the person from the first days of its life and probably can not live without it, still remains an animal.

And when you go to bed and put a dog or cat in your bed, or another animal, it becomes practically an act of violence against the animal. After covering them with a blanket, you can harm the animal, the heat exchange of which is slightly different from the human.

And if we talk about the cleanliness of such people, no matter how you clean and do not bathe your pet, it will still have germs and viruses that are inherent exclusively to animals. But getting into the body of a person, when sleeping together, they can mutate and cause great damage to the body. It’s like you’ll eat from one bowl with your dog.

Veterinarians are convinced that animals that are used to sleeping in bed with the owner experience mental disorders and can not properly and adequately react to normal situations in their life.

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