Parents Take Hospital Frequent, Childless People

More recently, scientists have published a summary of the fact of the sick lists, which bring employees of various organizations.

It turned out that out of a hundred percent of the sick lists, only ten of them were from people who actually were sick themselves.

All the remaining ninety percent brought hospital sheets that were taken for the illnesses of children.

Children are much more likely to get sick than adults, and if there are several in the family, it means that there are several times more illnesses. Therefore, young parents who have small children are very often absent from their workplace. Of course, employers are not happy with this, and they try to take as few jobs as possible for those who have children under the age of ten.

And although childless families in the world, fortunately, while much less than with children, but they are the most interesting proposals for employers.

But despite the fact that mothers are often denied work, they have much more than just a stable income. They have already received their share of happiness, from which it is impossible to give up for work.

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