Our Health Depends on the Perception of Life

The fact that gay people are always healthier and happier than the rest can not be disputed.

Only laughter and smiles are able to give pleasant sensations and from this a little improve health even in the most problematic patients.

A person who knows how to joke and see something positive in every moment of his life, always has a supply of positive things in case he gets really bad.

Very many doctors recommend to smile in the face of illnesses and then they recede. This is a long-established fact, which is confirmed every time it is practiced by someone new. In some hospitals, doctors specifically invite clowns or animators, in order to amuse the children and thereby improve their performance in the dynamics of progressive recovery.

Try to smile as broadly as possible to everything that you have in life, and then all problems will go to the background, and life will seem truly beautiful. After all, in fact, a person has nothing more unusual than his own life, which must be filled with bright colors and interesting events.