Our Brain Makes Us Afraid

The human body is a very interesting and mysterious system of interrelations, to unravel completely, which nobody has ever succeeded in.

So, for example, it still remains an open question why the brain periodically makes us remember the terrible pictures that cause the rapidity of the heartbeat and the development of adrenaline.

This mystery, scientists from the United States of America tried to unravel, who found that center in the human brain, which is responsible for creating new neural connections in the amygdala. It is known that it is here that all our fears and phobias live. But it was not yet possible to understand the cause of these neural connections.
Although scientists do not lose hope and are confident that their experiments on laboratory rats will one day lead to success, and then one can talk about creating a drug that can block these connections and prevent the repetition of fears for each person.

This issue is especially acute in a psychiatric hospital, where every second patient is afraid of something to the point that attacks occur. Therefore, these scientists have very high expectations.

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