Organic Cleansing Products

Due to the fact that in our time a large number of food products are proposed, which contain various additives in the form of dyes and flavor enhancers and other chemical components, many harmful substances accumulate in the human body.

In addition, residents of industrial cities have to constantly face the problem of air pollution, which also adversely affects the overall health, and contributes to the accumulation of harmful substances.

With the deterioration of blood composition, the work of the liver and kidneys, the heart system is disrupted, and frequent headaches, changes in blood pressure, and much more, which adversely affect the quality of life and reduce efficiency.

Garlic Tincture Improves Blood Composition

It is worth remembering that some food products are able to cleanse the body when they are included in the diet. One of them is cabbage, the use of which improves the work of the stomach and intestines, and also removes slag. This vegetable contains a lot of vitamin and other nutrients, which have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent the appearance of various diseases, including cancer.

A very effective cabbage juice, which is not only cleanses the body, but also helps to reduce weight. Not a bad option is the use of fresh juice made from potatoes, which has the property of purifying the entire body.

Thus such drink is useful at diseases of a stomach, such as a gastritis, frequent heartburn and even ulcers.

It can be combined with spinach juice and carrot juice, which will improve not only the digestive system, but also strengthen the central nervous system, so you can get rid of stress, normalize sleep, which is an important factor in our time. In order to effectively purify the liver and gallbladder, juice made from beets, carrots and cucumbers is a good fit.

To improve the composition of blood and remove harmful accumulation, as well as get rid of spasms of cerebral vessels, you can yourself cook garlic tincture. To do this, fill a small container of alcohol or vodka with a third of cut garlic and insist for fourteen days, every day, shaking it, while storing it in a warm, dark place. Take three times a day before eating five drops, added to a teaspoon with cold water.

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