On What Is Better to Fry Fried Eggs

For many years there was an opinion that if you fry chicken eggs in butter, then this can be a more harmful dish if you cook it on sunflower oil.

Nutritionists argued that it is better not to eat fried butter of any origin at all.

But just a few years ago, a study was conducted that showed that there were no differences in the harmfulness of butter and sunflower oil when it was fried with food.

Therefore, if you like fried eggs, you can cook them on any oil, the main thing is always to remember that with fats you do not need to overdo much. If once a day you eat a serving of two eggs, your body will hardly feel the proportion of harmful substances that you have consumed from roasted butter.

But useful microelements in the form of protein and other components derived from eggs, will make your diet more saturated and nutritious.

Try to diversify your food the way you like it, but always consider that the right choice of products can guarantee you a healthy and happy life.

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