Nutritionists Do Not Recommend To Refuse From Dinner

Some people, trying to get rid of excess weight, completely refuse dinner, hoping that, thus, they will become slimmer.

However, during the experiment conducted by German scientists, it was possible to find out that such an opinion is erroneous and instead of growing thin, on the contrary, extra pounds appear.

The reason for this is that there is a slowdown in metabolism, as a result of which the body itself lays fat tissues.

In addition, there may be problems with the work of the stomach and intestines, because the secreted acid will irritate the walls of the stomach, thereby provoking an inflammatory process. Do not forget that prolonged interruptions between meals cause bile stagnation, which in turn promotes the formation of gallstones.

What Should the Evening Menu Be?

Naturally should not be transferred, because it will lead to additional workload on all organs, including the cardiac system. It is necessary to take for a rule, to have supper not later than two to three hours before a dream, thus, dishes should be easily assimilated and in the boiled or baked kind. A good option is the use of natural kefir or yogurt, because they contain useful bacteria that improve the work of the stomach and intestines.

In addition, you can boil lean fish, poultry and cook a salad of fresh vegetables. A certain category of people in order to sleep faster, drink alcohol, which can not be done, because this can become a habit.

In order to avoid problems with sleep, it is better to take a walk, which will enable not only to relieve the nervous tension accumulated during the day, but also to enrich the blood with oxygen. Also, during the dinner, the use of berries is allowed, especially in the summer period, when the seasonal products contain the greatest number of useful properties, but do not mix them with other food to prevent the process of fermentation and bloating. Experts argue that one should not refuse not only from supper, but also other meals, because each of them gives the body extra energy.