Not Provoke Your Body with Lack of Sleep

The modern rhythm of a person’s life does not allow him to get enough sleep, as many people claim, who sleep no more than 6 hours a day.

It is believed that sleep should be from 7 hours to 9 hours a day. And the time to fall asleep should not be later than midnight.

Even if a person has not slept only one hour a day, this can greatly affect his further whole day.

Scientists argue that a constant lack of sleep during the whole working week leads a person in the mind of the fact that at the weekend he will get a good sleep and restore all the time that he did not sleep in a week. However, in real life everything is not so.

When a person in 3-5 days gets used to one rhythm of a biological sleep clock, then on weekends he usually falls asleep even later, and wakes up for dinner. This all disturbs his rhythm of the biological clock. As a consequence, cognitive disorders may occur, though with time, which often lead to vegetative vascular diseases. Therefore, it is best to lie down at the same time, so as not to bring down the metabolic processes of your body.

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