New Lens Can Replace Old On All Life

Scientists have found a way through which it became real to replace the old lens in the eye of a person with a new one called bionic.

It is designed specifically to help those who are held hostage between professions that require increased attention. And most often these people develop a disease called cataract.

Now, that all have an equal opportunity to see near and far, you can use the bionic lens. It will be implanted in the eye and connected to the muscles, and for its full-fledged work, it’s enough less than one percent of the energy that is expended for the ordinary lens. People will have the opportunity to have beautiful eyesight at any age, and hence increase the number of happy days in their lives.

Eyes are given to a person in order to see what is happening around him. And if you lose this feeling, you can completely change your life and put a cross on it. Very often young people who lose sight claim that they have lost the sense of existence. But now they have the opportunity to change everything for the better and find a new life with a new lens.

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