Nervous, People Begin to Touch

Have you ever noticed that during a period of acute nervous tension, a person begins to scratch all over.

And this is not because he has a rash or it was bitten by an insect, and the fault is due to the small roots of the nerves that come too close to the skin.

And at the time when you start to get nervous, these roots tighten and touch the skin from the inside, which provokes the tickling effect.

In most cases, immediately after you manage to calm down your nervous system, everything in the body is restored, and you stop scratching like before. This may indicate that the person has a very high sensitivity threshold due to the fact that the nerve endings are very close to the skin.

Each touch can be very sensitive and cause unpleasant sensations. In some cases, the proximity of the nerve roots leads to the close arrangement of the blood vessels, which burst at the slightest blow and lead to bruising. And this is not just painful, but also ugly.

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