Negative Effects on the Body of the Sedentary Life

Every year more and more people are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle, because the number of office employees is growing.

Everyone knows that some chronic diseases, including hypertension and diabetes, often appear because of sedentary work.

In addition, obesity develops, and the quality of vision deteriorates, and problems with the bone system appear, most often in the form of osteochondrosis and arthritis.

In addition, scientists learned that those people who sit more than ten hours a day often have problems with memory impairment and suffer from forgetfulness. And, this applies not only to persons over 50 years old, but also to middle-aged people.

In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to take as a rule, after each hour of work, a break of at least fifteen minutes, during which to do warm-up, including squats, which will improve blood circulation and also eliminate excess calories. And this is not to say that such a warm-up helps relieve tension from the organs of vision.

Need to Do Sports

As for sports, they should pay attention not only on weekends, but also on weekdays, given the fact that the load should be moderate. For this, cycling, swimming, light jogging, and participation in game sports are good.

Such habits will contribute to the improvement not only of the physical, but also of the psychological state, which will make it possible to avoid the appearance of depression, especially in the autumn days when, according to specialists, the greatest number of people suffer from disruption of the central nervous system.

There are several reasons for this, among them sharp changes in weather conditions, reduction of daylight hours, end of holidays and other factors. Also, pay attention to nutrition, because with the products our body receives all the necessary substances.

The overall well-being and functioning of the organs is significantly influenced by the quality of sleep, because lack of sleep causes headaches, the development of obesity and leads to the exhaustion of the nervous system.