Narcissistic People In The Deed are Very Critical To Himself

A group of scientists and Australia conducted a study and found out that those people who in their life exhibit clear features of narcissism are very critical of their appearance.

It turns out that when they look in the mirror, then in their minds there is fear, and after that comes the stress.

Because of abnormalities in the development of the brain and the appearance of this self-adoring effect, such people want to always look ideal and that others also see them as such. But if the hair span is a little spoiled, they can permanently close in themselves and get them out of this stressful state, can only be medicated.

Very often such extraordinary people are criticized by the public, and this becomes even more closed. None of the people around simply do not realize that their problem is a mental illness, not a full awareness of the situation. Therefore, if you have a friend “narcissus” help him get out of this situation, without condemning or criticizing. After all, those who do good in the name of another person, always feel themselves much higher than the rest.

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