Mothers Who Deprive themselves of the Society for Children

It was an interesting fact for the whole world that most Chinese women deliberately shut themselves up in their own apartment, in order to establish contact with their baby, they are sure.

But the biggest concern for these women is that other people’s germs can harm the newborn’s immunity.

Of course, isolation from the society in some cases is very useful, but it should not be forgotten that more than three days of being imprisoned and seeing only the child and the husband in front of him can be dangerous for the mind of the young mother. And no less important, it is not necessary to observe the ancient traditions, which in the modern world are similar to marasmus.

For example, do not give up personal hygiene, regardless of any prohibitions or customs. After all, a month does not take a shower and after that give the baby a chest, rather strange looks from the side, if they are so worried about germs.

Of course, cultures are very different all over the world, but there are some rules that should be followed so as not to evolve back into monkeys.

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