Morning Sex, Instead of Cold Soul

More than sixty percent of people on the planet are engaged in morning sex.

And they really like it.

Although after such lessons in the shower you must go without fail, but you can avoid the awakening consciousness of the procedure – a cold shower.

But there are those who deliberately exchange morning sex for water procedures and an extra cup of coffee with a sandwich. Therefore, if you belong to the second group, then in your life there is still no such person who could give so much pleasure and a sense of joy that no coffee can replace it.

And even if life is already settled You are not going to change it abruptly, try though not to lose the magic that is present in evening sex. Otherwise, you can completely forget about the carnal pleasures that a few years ago were your favorite pastime.

Good sex, can be compared only with quality wine. After all, these two states are quite heady, but for the morning there is an exceptionally good state of health. So, if you do not like to take a cold shower in the morning, then go boldly to sex.

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