More Dancing And It Will Extend You Youth

A group of scientists from Germany found that if a person at any age will be engaged in dancing, this will save him in his old age from dementia and loss of balance.

It turns out that people who are engaged in dancing at retirement age are able to memorize much more and at the same time better orient themselves in space, I eat those who sit at home and do not dance in the evenings.

Even if you do not have talent or you have never danced before, you should never get upset. And you can start training at any age, even if you have not made a single step in your life.

Believe that those who want to be in their old age in a sober mind and bright memory must dance. Let it not be very difficult dances, but you still have to learn the waltz. After all, every time you come to the training, you will perform a small feat for yourself and for your body, which will not be able to function properly for long if you sit in one place. I would like to draw special attention to the fact that dancing helps to feel good not only to the elderly, but also to young people.

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