Men Are Not Too Self-Critical, In Difference From Women

As a hundred years ago, for sure, two hundred, men evaluate women completely differently than themselves under equal conditions.

So, for example, if a man has problems with excess weight, he rarely admits this to himself, not to mention others.

They think they look great in any weight category. But their women are constantly being attacked by their men for gaining too many extra pounds, even if their weight does not exceed the norm.

It turns out that the criteria assessing themselves and their chosen ones are inherent in us genetically. After all, women are used to the fact that they always look full, so they try to lose weight to the very minimum. And when the weight becomes critically low, it seems to them that they have finally reached their ideal.

And this is the big fault of men who simply can not adequately assess the woman who is next to him. Women need to learn to love themselves more and not criticize self-criticism, because sometimes it leads to very bad consequences, even to mental disorders.

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