Men and Women Differently Evaluate a Friend of a Friend

It would seem that men and women are the same kind of person, although they have signs of different sexes.

Psychologists began to assert that it is this difference that is important in assessing each other at the first meeting or at the first acquaintance.

So, as a result of many observations, it was found that at the first meeting, men pay attention to the female legs (seemingly), and then to the face. Psychologists say that this is in the case of a business meeting or a person for a man indifferent. However, when the image from the distance prompted some feelings in the man, even if of a sexual nature, then at a close meeting, he first looks at her hips, chest, and only then the face.

Quite the opposite attitude at the first meeting with women. If a girl looks at you for a long time, it means that she simply sees in you a business partner or just a business meeting. However, when her gaze falls to your feet, and then rises up, it means that she views the male image as a sexual object.

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