Male Potency Depends on Shaving Cream

Quite recently, Australian scientists found a link between the sexual ability of a man and his shaving cream.

It turns out that in the composition of this cosmetic product, you can find some particles of phthalic acid.

If you get through the skin in the body of a man, this acid begins to act first on the erection of a man.

Thus, scientists came to the conclusion that if a man uses a shaving cream every day for several years, this may cause that one day his male power will cease to be a pride.

On the advice of doctors, shaving creams should be replaced with gels or foams. And do not use the same company for quite a long period. It is worth changing their cosmetic preferences in order not to allow the body to accumulate harmful substances that are contained in this remedy.

Men who like to look fresh and shaved each day should understand the importance of this issue, because after a few years, when the shaving cream still plays its evil joke, a man can hardly remember about his stubble when he is sitting at a doctor’s reception .

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