Main Causes of Back Pain

Due to the fact that more and more people are engaged in sedentary work, the incidence of back problems has increased, and this is not surprising, because most office staff do not follow the posture, resulting in the development of so-called occupational diseases.

Osteochondrosis, especially of the cervical vertebrae, often occurs, which causes not only painful sensations, but can also cause blood circulation disorders, which causes headaches and other symptoms that reduce the quality of work and negatively affect the general condition.

Also often there are pains and cramps in the back caused by muscle spasms. In some cases, spinal spasm is accompanied not only by severe pain, but also by damage or irritation of nerve endings.

The cause of such a disease may not be, only trauma or damage to nervous tissues, but also a disease of some organs, most often these are the kidneys.

One of Them Are Chronic Diseases

In addition, a number of chronic diseases, such as anemia or diabetes can cause seizures not only the spine, but also the legs. If the body lacks vitamin, as well as minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, then the pain can increase, just like with dehydration.

Currently, there is a large number of folk recipes, with which you can remove pain without using medicines, such as a compress. For such a category of people, it is important to allocate enough time for proper rest.

Those who are intensively engaged in various sports to prevent damage to the muscles of the spine, it is necessary to take the rule of doing warm-up. Many people have faced such a problem, when due to cramps in the muscles of the legs, the quality of sleep is disturbed. However, experts warn that when treating this disease, you need to consult a doctor, especially if it concerns the use of medicines, including antibiotics.

In order to avoid problems with back pain and the appearance of seizures, it is recommended not to wear high-heeled shoes, from bad habits, especially smoking, sleeping on a soft surface, and also to monitor posture and weight, because extra pounds exert additional stress.

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