Love Lasts Three Years

According to the world-famous writer Frederic Begbeder, love lives for three years.

But a very large number of people are confident that they will be able to challenge this judgment.

Everything depends on the person and his perception of reality. After all, if love lived only three years, then the number of divorces would be maximally equated to the number of marriages concluded. We could not meet on the street a nice couple of old people who are holding each other’s hands walking around the evening park. Love can not live only three years, simply because it is eternal.

Indeed, if it were in fact, then many couples who only meet for more than three years would not even have a chance to create a family and have children. Feelings that persist throughout life, despite all kinds of obstacles and vicissitudes, take place in existence and are called love. That’s it to them and you need to strive, not paying attention to the fact that someone had a love after three years. Love and be loved, no matter what in this world.

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