Lose Weight Leech

Going in for sports is an impossible dream for many not very active people. However, as the original sport shows, not so unrealizable.

Sport in hammocks is an interesting modern version of yoga. True, not all exercises in it are horizontal, and some of them have to sweat fairly.

Anti-gravity sport is great for people with low mobility. The complex of exercises performed above the ground facilitates the relaxation of the spine and neck. In addition, due to the fact that some exercises are performed upside down, blood flow to the brain increases, thereby improving its performance.

Training strengthens the muscles of the whole body, especially carefully working the abdominal muscles and muscles on the hands. Fans of anti-gravity yoga say that after practicing this sport they observe, a rush of strength and vivacity. Their mood improves, and negative thoughts go away. Thus, a person finds not only a taut body, but positive emotions.

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