Long Sitting At Work Is Forbidden by Medics

Scientists who devoted their lives to the study of medicine, every year, increasingly warn of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

If a person is forced to spend several hours at work in a sitting position, then it is necessary to make small breaks every half an hour.

If you follow the recommendations of doctors, and several times a day get up because of the workplace in order to do several physical exercises, your health will remain at the proper level. Try not to forget to do what will give you good health, as well as a feeling of complete happiness. Believe that even in the office, in front of everyone, you can do several exercises that can improve your physical form, and at the same time, and show an excellent example for all other employees in this organization.

If you know that you will systematically forget about such trainings, then it’s best to set yourself an alarm clock or a reminder that will get you back to the exercises. Do not try to do everything by force, but learn to enjoy what is happening.

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