Loneliness – Not a Disease

Many people think that in the loneliness of a woman begins to feel strangled and begins to fall ill.

In fact, this is completely wrong. Indeed, because a woman is left to herself, she has the opportunity to have her time in the way she likes.

She can eat whatever she wants, go where she wants and at the same time. Absolutely no need to account to anyone.

Loneliness opens the door to the woman’s inner consciousness and ability to create. Ved all his free time from work can be devoted not to washing and cleaning, but to the creation of beauty. In such a state, when a woman does not distract any stranger, she is capable of very many accomplishments. And even realize the old dream, which is a round-the-world trip, it will be in force.

The only minus of loneliness is that it is not recognized by society as a state of happiness. And because the person is a social being, it is not always possible to cope with the opinion of the majority. That’s why very many people start to think that they are unhappy alone, although in reality it is not.

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