Little Children, Like Flowers In Our Life

Very often you can meet the opinion that the child, after his birth very much starts to interfere with his mother.

He at first screams a lot, then climbs everywhere, and when he learns to walk, then generally there is no harm with him, even tie it.

But such mothers just do not understand what happiness they got to have healthy and strong kids.

The problem of infertility is very acute all over the world. And if some of his stages doctors together with scientists are trying, and sometimes successfully, to find a way to cure, then still a huge number of women suffer from the fact that they can not bear a healthy child. And most often it happens in normal and strong families who could give this child a lot of parental love and care.

Therefore, it is bitter to hear that a woman who became a real lucky woman and received a reward from the fate of a child, claims that he prevents her from living. And somewhere, perhaps in the next apartment, another woman does not stop praying to God that he will give her a little miracle, which she will call her mother and love more than anyone else in the world.

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