Learning to protect your vision when working in front of your computer

The 21st century is an age of technological innovation and the discovery of new opportunities among semiconductor devices. Today, if we consider one detail, for example, a chip in which there are several tens or hundreds of thousands of capacitors, transistors and diodes, the size of which could not fit even in one building, a person could create a magnificent device called a computer. The computer in our time performs the most complex tasks that one person will not be able to do at all. Moreover, the computing power of such can be more effective than a few people. This means that people in the workplace are no less. They simply began to perform large amounts of data than before. That is, a person began to spend more time in front of the monitor screen, which does not so positively affect his own health, in particular vision.

Warm-up for the eyes

Ophthalmologists recommend working for 40-60 minutes, after which it is obligatory to perform different warm-ups for the eyes. At the same time, it is required to choose a place so that the direct rays of the sun do not get to the monitor, as reflection and glare very much weary eyesight, because of what its noticeable decrease occurs. In addition, you want to try to make the screen look dull and not glossy at all. So, in order to reduce eye fatigue, try to leave your computer every 40 minutes, while watching in the distance to relax your eyesight. Easy eye warming should be performed no more than 5-7 minutes. For this you can drive your eyes to the sides – to the left, to the right 5 times. After 5 times, only up, down. Then the circular motion of the eyes in one and the second side, also 5 times. After that, you can perform concentration, that is, reduce vision at the end of your nose. Then tighten the eyelids tightly and release, the same for 5 repetitions. And at the end close your eyes, and with your fingers lightly ponazhimat on them.

Performing such a procedure daily can not only improve your eyesight, but also do not let the galls get tired so much when you are in front of your computer to save your eyesight.

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