Lack of Sleep Can be Equated to Alcohol Addiction

Scientists from Canada found that if a person sleeps less than six hours a day, then after a certain time, he may develop the same diseases, for example, he would have been an alcoholic all this time.

It is very dangerous to neglect your own sleep to all people without exception.

And if someone claims that he is able to sleep only four hours a day and at the same time he feels great, then you can conclude that he has any deviations in the body, or his heart muscle condition is so remarkable, Then it does not feel overload. But this behavior of the heart is dangerous because at any moment it can simply burst, without signaling in any way that it is hard for him to work or is tired.

Therefore, if you are a person with average health, then never forget that a dream should be for more than six hours and always at night. Do not need to test your body, which from without, every day exposed to adverse environmental conditions.

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