Know the Quality of Foods Directly In The Store

Scientists have come up with a tool for how to recognize substandard food products, right in the store and in case of missing people, give the store an account to pay compensation for moral damage.

The fact is that most of people, when they buy goods in supermarkets, at best look at the date of manufacture and the end date of use, and in many cases they do not.

Therefore, trying to protect consumers, scientists came up with “smart” stickers.

With their help, you can find out what you bought this time you can hold in the refrigerator for a while, and what you need to use first. These labels contain a special substance that, when interacting with fungal infection viruses or other carcinogenic substances that begin to stand out in the event of food deterioration, begin to change color.

It will be very easy for you to recognize what you can buy, and what is not, even if the date of the end-use period has not yet come. Get these stickers and stay healthy forever.

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