Kinetosis, How to Help With This Disease

Sea sickness or its night name – Kinetoz besieges every fifth person on earth.

This disease or it is easier to say the weakness of the vestibular apparatus causes people to travel on cars, buses and other transport, as well as sailing on ships and, sometimes, on takeoff on airplanes, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Fortunately, modern medicine can help most people with the help of certain medications, taken just before the trip. However, doctors say that in most cases people can help themselves and do without medication. For this, you need to start every morning with morning exercises.

And be sure to include in it the exercises of tilting the body forward and backward. Also you need to gradually start to turn your head. First make turns to the side, then slopes. In a few days you can make a full head rotation.

By the way, do not drink sweet and carbonated drinks before the trip, do not drink alcohol. Best, doctors recommend, eat something sour, for example, an apple, and also add vitamin C – an orange or a lemon.

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