It is More Useful for Health to be Without Work

As it turned out, in the course of the study, man. Who does not work for a long time, feels much happier than the one who works and at the same time simply hates his work.

If every day you go to work and listen to insults from your superiors or just do not understand the importance of the reasons, why did you come there, then the probability of getting a nervous breakdown is much higher than that of the unemployed.

Constant tension of the nervous system, can lead to a person getting depressed, and with it chronic diseases that are necessarily accompanied by side effects. It is very difficult to get out of a depressed state and yet not lose one’s health. Most people start taking special psychotropic medications to be able to cope with themselves and their emotions.

Therefore, it is better to leave work, which brings only nervous upheavals and troubled life, until you have lost there your adequacy and desire to live. Try, as often as possible to rest and relax your nervous system.

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