Is it Worth it to Survive?

In fact, girls often experience and spend their nerves in vain.

They do not understand that the time spent on tears and long sms, in fact, could be spent in order to become happy.

No one of their guys will like a girl who constantly digs into herself and always sad about the past. We need to move forward and stop hoping that everything will be as before.

Those representatives of the weaker sex who do not take anything personally to heart, live much happier and brighter than everyone else. For these guys go in droves, and all because they are not bored with and do not need to worry about what she will do with herself after the parting.

So it is more simply to look at life and let happen that which is inevitable in your destiny. Allow yourself to be happy and make it a rule that it’s not you, he, who should worry about the breaks in the relationship. After all, you can find yourself many more of these same guys, but he will not be able to find a similar one anymore.

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