Is It Possible To Stop The Heart During Sex Time

There are a lot of myths around such a situation, when a man or a woman, but more often than not a man, having sex, is so much involved in a role that they can have a stroke or a heart attack.

In fact, somewhere in theory such a situation is quite possible, but having studied all possible options for the development of the situation, scientists confidently stated that in life only two percent of a hundred can be exposed to such a danger.

And this is only due to chronic heart diseases or congenital malformations.

Therefore, if you love, paying no attention to any of the neighbors completely to give oneself up to your emotions and desires, then you can calmly do this without worrying about anything.

Quite often you can see how people become sexier after sex. They have a healthy blush on their cheeks, and a smile on their face. So be boldly engaged in your favorite business, and become of this blooming and cheerful person. After all, in our lives there are so few pleasures that you can truly love and dive into them.

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