In the Summer More Eat Currant

Spring is springing outside, the gardens bloom in full swing, which means that very soon we will be able to enjoy a new crop of fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, among which experts recommend paying particular attention to the currant.

Due to the fact that it is a storehouse of useful substances, the body is replenished with calcium, magnesium and other minerals, not to mention vitamins A, C and B6. What is the use of currants?

It turns out that black currant positively affects the composition of blood and the quality of blood vessels, and this is very important for people suffering from hypertension.

Using it as a juice or in a grinded form, you can reduce the pressure, so those people who have it lowered, you should observe the norm. This berry is a natural remedy that kills germs in the body, and also removes heat with salicylic acid, so it is well taken as a medicine against colds.

These Berries Strengthen Immunity

In addition, thanks to vitamin C, it will be possible to strengthen immunity, which means not to allow viral diseases.

People who suffer from various heart diseases, during the ripening of the currant, doctors recommend that everyone use both the berries themselves and the juice squeezed out of them.

The fact is that in every hundred grams of currant contains about 300 milligrams of potassium, and as you know, it improves the protective properties of the heart muscle.

In summer, when the heat is often hot, many people have swelling, not only legs or hands, but also, around the eyes, that spoils the appearance. Remove the edema will help all the same currant, which has diuretic properties.

In addition to all the above-mentioned beneficial properties, this berry should be present in the diet of those persons who have any diseases of the stomach or intestines, because it removes harmful accumulations from the body, and this applies not only to black currant, but also white and red varieties .

Thanks to the presence of magnesium, berries increase the production of serotonin, and, as is known, this hormone of happiness improves mood, relieves stress and prevents the appearance of depression.

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