In the Forth Future of People Can Be revitalized

As it became known to journalists, in the Chinese city of Shandong, the world’s first freezing of the human body with liquid nitrogen was carried out.

According to the scientists themselves, they hope that in a few years, they will be able to learn how to return a person to life, and the body will remain at the same level by that time.

Of course, such experiments are rather doubtful and cause a lot of negative reactions from the public. But the husband of this woman signed all the documents and gave his consent to the body of his wife to take part in this entertaining and slightly eerie study.

The fact is that a woman who died of lung cancer is now placed in a container with liquid nitrogen, the temperature of which is minus two hundred degrees Celsius. This is a unique case, which has no analogues in the whole world. Now it remains only to observe the outcome of events and hope that scientists will be able to find the right way out of this situation. After all, the revival of a person up to this point, was a taboo subject in some countries, even punished at the legislative level.

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