I’m not Afraid of Injections

Injections – the procedure is not always pleasant, but more often than not it is a necessary method for maintaining health.

An irreplaceable role this type of procedures is also gaining in cosmetology.

For the opportunity to maintain a healthy look and shine to the hair, saturate them with vitamins and prevent loss, trichologists recommend the use of vitamin injections to maintain healthy shine, density and strength of hair.

Not always by internal use, we can provide our body with the necessary dose of vitamins and valuable minerals. The diet of a modern person is very short of healthy food, as a result the body suffers a significant deficit of useful components. To replenish your own vitamin reserves, you can resort to a procedure called “Mesotherapy.”

Injections are carried out in the subcutaneous cavity of the head, when the quality of the hair visually deteriorates. With abundant loss and fragility, mesotherapy heals from many unpleasant symptoms. However, before you independently appoint yourself this procedure, you need to get a recommendation from a specialist. He will conduct a trial on the possibility of allergic reactions and select the necessary complex composition.