If the Man is disliked, Worth Li Hold

When a man says in plain language that he no longer loves a woman and does not want to see her, very often something that no one simply expects.

The woman, contrary to all common sense, refuses to believe what she has heard and take reality.

At such moments, it seems, the world has collapsed, and the earth leaves from under the feet. Many women start begging to stay close for a while, trying to give themselves a chance to realize what happened, and the man the opportunity to change his mind. But as practice shows such actions do not lead to anything positive, leaving behind a very bitter aftertaste.

If it so happened that you were told such unpleasant words, then you need to find the strength and release the person. Believe that after he lives a little without you, the probability that he will return back increases several times. Therefore do not try to keep next to someone who does not see more perfection in you and does not want to wake up in the morning. Let the man whom you love with all your heart will be happy, but already without you. After all, you can do it without him.

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