I Need to Put on Earrings As a Child

In the modern world very often you can meet little girls who were already pierced ears in a few months after birth.

Correctly or not, each parent decides for himself. But the recommendations of psychologists and doctors in this issue diverge.

It turns out that doctors do not recommend piercing ears to young children because there are many points in the ear that are responsible for the internal organs of a person. If you pierce the hole in the wrong place and accidentally fall into the wrong place, you can disrupt the work of some internal organ for life. Therefore, doctors are afraid for the health of the little princess who, even without earrings, always looks great.

But psychologists are sure that the earlier you pierce the ears of a little girl, the more painless the entire procedure will go. Due to the fact that in young children all the wounds heal much faster, and the pain is forgotten too quickly, they may not remember the period when they were pierced by the lobes of their ears. Therefore, parents always have to choose, that for them the health or the psycho-emotional side of the child is more important.

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