How Useful Are the Champignons

In the autumn, when the mushroom season comes, many people go out of town to wander through the forest not only to breathe clean air, but also to collect as many fresh mushrooms as possible.

But, if it is necessary to be careful with forest mushrooms, because among them there are sometimes false ones, which can be poisoned, the champignons are almost safe.

Maybe, therefore, they are in great demand, because, in addition to excellent taste, they have a lot of useful properties. Firstly, they are rich in rapidly digestible protein, which is larger in mushrooms than in eggs and meat.

They also contain folic acid, which is considered the main vitamin for women, as well as many amino acids that are necessary for the body for life. In view of the fact that such fungi contribute to lowering the level of harmful cholesterol, they are recommended for people who suffer from anemia, diabetes and atherosclerosis, and, thanks to vitamin B, have a beneficial effect on the work of the nervous system.

Mushrooms Are Low-Calorie Foods

Scientists have proved that the mushrooms contain phosphorus and calcium, almost as much as in marine products. These mushrooms are classified as low-calorie products, because 100 grams do not account for more than 30 kilocalories, and because of the high content of vegetable protein, they quickly satisfy hunger.

However, like any product, champignons, in addition to positive properties, there are negative, because of which they are contraindicated.

The fact that they have quinine, which the body is difficult to absorb, therefore, nutritionists are not advised to use them to persons who have liver problems, as well as children.

When buying champignons, you should choose those whose hats are white without any stains, which indicates that these are fresh unripe mushrooms.

It is not recommended to cook dishes from mushrooms that have been in the refrigerator for more than four days, because after this period they can cause poisoning. You can freeze champignons, but in this case they almost completely lose their useful properties, so do not buy them in large quantities.

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