How to test yourself for diabetes?

Recently, more people suffer from diabetes.

This chronic disease can lead to a disruption in the functioning of the kidneys, the nervous system, and eye damage.

Most often, when the disease appears such symptoms as numbness of the limbs, a thirst, a sharp weight loss, but there are other signs that indicate the disease, while people do not even guess about its presence.

The fact that the blood glucose level is higher than normal may indicate deterioration of the skin, which becomes dry, as well as the appearance of itching on the hands and feet. In addition, the appearance of dandruff can also indicate an excess of sugar.

Many will be surprised to learn that snoring is one of the little-known symptoms of diabetes, but experts say that it is nighttime apnea that indicates the presence of this disease. If you suddenly notice when you are watching TV or talking on the phone that you do not hear well, as a result of increasing the volume or asking the interlocutor, this can be caused by diabetes. Scientists, having conducted a number of studies, found that hearing impairment and this disease are a link in one chain.

Preventive Measures for the Onset of Disease

It is worth noting that people at high risk of diabetes are more likely to be overweight, and people of all age categories, as well as those who have any of their relatives suffered from this ailment. Nowadays, many people are overweight, and this is not surprising, because with the advent of the Internet, most of them lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of a computer monitor or smartphone.

And this despite the fact that experts recommend being more active, engaging in any sport that you consider the most suitable for you, and also paying special attention to nutrition, so that you can avoid the appearance of obesity.

One of the most effective methods of preventing the onset of diabetes is the diet, according to which to make a diet in such a way as to reduce the number of calories and carbohydrates. On your table there should be more vegetables, fruits, greens, and also it is necessary to give preference to boiled dishes or steamed.