How to Strengthen Health On the Eve of Autumn

During the change in weather conditions, some people suffering from chronic diseases, there is an exacerbation, not to mention the fact that there are more cases of catarrhal or viral diseases.

This is especially true for the autumn, when, after hot summer days, there is a sharp drop in air temperature, with winds and rains.

To protect yourself from colds, you need to follow certain tips, and one of them is to prepare shoes and clothes in advance in accordance with weather conditions.

Also it is necessary to revise the diet by adding various products, including those that are related to natural antibiotics, meaning garlic and onions recommended by dietitians for daily consumption in moderate amounts.

In the autumn period, a wide selection of vegetables, fruits and berries is provided, so do not miss the opportunity to cook dishes as often as possible, because at this time they contain a lot of vitamin, amino acids, minerals necessary to strengthen immunity.

Protects the Body against Colds

Experts argue that those people who every day are engaged in sports and temper the body, in winter, practically do not get sick. Especially well strengthens the body swimming in open water, as well as taking a contrast shower in the morning.

Classes like sports, such as football, volleyball and others, have a positive impact not only on physical health, but also psychological, strengthening the work of the central nervous system, which, by the way, also largely depends on the state of immunity.

With a cold snap it is more often to prepare infusion of dog-rose, cranberries, cowberries and other forest berries, because they are rich in vitamin C.

The same goes for citrus cultures, preferring lemon, grapefruit and grenade, not forgetting that bananas also contain a lot of vitamin, and also potassium, magnesium, which improve the work of the heart and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In the autumn days it is not recommended to expose the body to heavy loads, both physical and mental, and also pay enough attention to sleep.

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