How to Stay Healthy in an “Unhealthy” Country

It turns out that last week, journalists conducted their own investigation and, based on its results, a list of countries that are the most “unhealthy” in the world was drawn up.

The criteria for which the distribution was, smoking, drinking alcohol and the frequency of offenses under the influence of alcoholic intoxication.

It turns out that the Czech Republic took the first place, which can be proud of its long history of love for beer and the availability of this drink for all categories of citizens. After the Czech Republic settled, Russia and Slovenia, and only then Belarus and Slovakia with Hungary.

Therefore, if you live in one of these countries, or want to go there to rest, it’s worth to be very attentive to local traditions and not lose your health. Try to always pay attention to what you eat and drink, so as not to be in an embarrassing situation in a foreign country.

It is very important to be able to independently manage your life in order to never blame anyone for your own failures. Watch for yourself and your health and everything in your life will definitely be good.

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