How to Spend a Vacation and Do not Think of a Job

The harbinger of the holiday is almost always a good mood. And it is the expectation of the end of the last week, which always lasts a long time.

To make it not so long, try to work productively all this remaining time, so that the vacation was as comfortable as possible.

As soon as the first day of vacation comes, and you go to your hotel, the first thing you try to do is turn off absolutely all communication tools in which you can be found and disturbed. However, on the eve, you need to warn everyone that you will not be available for a certain time, so that you will not be disturbed.

Disconnect all work phones, or block them during the holiday, do not visit social networks, as well as messengers and everything else that may disturb you.

To get rid of annoying working thoughts during the holidays, be sure to write them down on paper or into a smartphone so that you on the subconscious know that they are scanned and should not be worn in your head. Only in this way can you avoid all that can distract you from your vacation.

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