How to Recognize Disease in the Sleep

If you look closely, you can pay attention to the fact that a person who is sick, during a dream behaves quite differently than when he is completely healthy.

And some symptoms of a serious condition can be determined even by those who do not have medical education or special training.

For example, if a person in a dream is very hard breathing or constantly spinning unable to find a position convenient for himself, this indicates that inflammatory processes occur in his body that make his quality sleep difficult.

And it is in this case, it will be quite difficult for you to help a person, because for this you need to awaken him and give him some medicine. But if you see that in a dream a person starts shouting or even acting too actively, then your help is absolutely necessary. As soon as possible, wake him up and try to explain that everything that caused him to worry is just a dream.

Diseases that sometimes go unnoticed for external viewing are very often manifested when a person sleeps.

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