How to Look Beautiful Even In Time of Disease

Most girls, when they get colds, just stop caring and watching themselves.

They pull on warm, dimensionless pajamas and wrap themselves in a blanket for the whole day.

Some men at the sight of such a lump of a beloved girl and a lot of cloth, can experience a feeling of disgust, just because the image of a slender and weightless girl will be instantly discredited. And in order not to lose your loved one during illness, you must certainly look in the mirror and from time to time comb your hair.

Of course, those guys who left their chosen ones during illness can not claim even the title of this proud word “man”, but this bitter experience should not be completely omitted from your life. Try to minimize the rules of hygiene and not scare off your loved one with your appearance at a time when you are particularly bad. It is very important, try not to forget that you are a woman, and therefore should be beautiful in any state and mood.

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