How to Keep Health in the Time of Heat

Over the past few years, residents of European countries increasingly began to observe anomalous heat, and if for tourists on the seaside this kind of weather favors, then for other people it is a lot of trouble, especially for the elderly who often have chronic diseases.

In some countries, for example in Spain, a siesta is observed, which is an after-dinner dream, which has a positive effect on health, because scientists have proved that a daytime sleep lasting from half an hour to two hours helps to relieve nervous tension and gives extra energy.

Most experts do not recommend long stay in the sun during the active phase, namely from 11 to 16 hours.

Do not Stop Dehydration

In addition, during the day, you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, namely at least two liters of water for an adult, but not more than five liters, because this will lead to additional workload on organs, especially the liver and kidneys, which can cause swelling. As for alcohol and sweet fizzy drinks, it is better to refuse to use them, because they do not, just do not contribute to quenching thirst, but also harm the health.

In the heat, many people prefer to drink cold water, but experts say that this should not be done, because it can lead to inflammation.

Therefore, preference is given to water beverages at room temperature. While in the room, the best option is to use the air conditioner, but in its absence, do not neglect the fan, which does not reduce the air temperature, but the blown stream prevents the possibility of a thermal shock. In the heat of airing the room is better in the morning or evening, when the temperature of the outside air is lower than in the rooms. In addition, it is recommended to limit heavy physical exertion, and also to exclude from the diet salty, fried, fatty and smoked products.

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