How to Increase Life With a Measuring Roulette

The scientists found out that if your waist is larger than a figure equal to half your height, then the duration of your life can be reduced by several years.

The fact that the excess weight affects the average age of a man has long been known to everyone, but up to this day no one has tried to compare a person’s height and the indices of his waist.

After all, if you have excess weight, it means that all internal organs are very hard to work with and this can lead to early aging, and hence early death. Therefore, scientists warn that every day you need to work on your physical form and, if necessary, increase the load so as not to have health problems.

After all, to prevent the emergence of excess weight, it is always much easier than then to get rid of it. Try to monitor your own health and always go to the doctor in time, if something starts to disturb you. Never allow the appearance of extra pounds, because they can cause you to lose the desire to look beautiful at all. And this is unacceptable for a woman.

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