How to Improve Your Health When Weather Changes

A certain category of people, when changing weather conditions, feels unwell, headaches, irritability, not to mention that during this period chronic diseases worsen.

In order to feel comfortable, you need to follow some tips. One of them is to limit both physical and mental loads, with more rest. Sleep is especially important, because of the lack of sleep, the workload of all organs, especially the heart, increases, which can result in arrhythmia, palpitations and other symptoms, which have a negative effect on overall well-being.

Often there are cases of changes in blood pressure, which also worsens the quality of life. In order to ensure a sound sleep, which on such days should be at least eight hours, you can take sedatives in the form of motherwort, valerian and hawthorn.

Not a bad option is tea made from mint with the addition of a small amount of honey, which calms the nervous system.

Experts say that the most useful sleep is from 2 pm to 2 am, so try to stay up no later than eleven o’clock in the evening. On such days it is necessary to avoid stressful situations, because because of them most health problems arise.

It is necessary to correctly compose a diet

An important factor is to properly balance the food, eliminating fried, fatty foods from it, and to limit the consumption of salt and sugar, not to mention alcoholic beverages. Try as often as possible to be out in the open air, for which walking walks that positively affect the psychological state, improve blood circulation and strengthen the muscular system are good.

Do not forget that simple physical exercises strengthen the walls of the vessels, and also contribute to the production of a hormone such as endorphin, which improves mood.

After awakening, it is not advisable to jump out of bed abruptly, but rather lie down for a few minutes so that the body can adapt, while making several stretches to improve blood circulation.

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